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The Future of Magazine Publishing Online.

What is a Vertical Edition?

Vertical magazine editions are magazines designed in the vertical UX pattern. The horizontal user experience of the two page up print magazine layout is modified for the web. Modern web users and their devices are configured for a newsfeed scroll.

Vertical Scroll

Vertical editions are viewed as a stacked content page.

Vertical = Mobile Code

Vertical editions are viewed portrait on mobile devices.

Magazine Advertising

Magazine ads can be included - no banner ads needed.

Search Optimized

Open magazine issue content is optimized for search.

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Digital Magazine Editions Evolved

Digital editions have always been print replicas online. The horizontal magazine path gave rise to digital edition software solutions which typically processed PDF files into the 2 page up layout. The challenge was that a print magazine layout was never the best web edition layout.

Digital Edition Software

Digital edition software added capabilities to include the multimedia elements that print magazins could not provide. The video embeds and interactive features made publishers feel like progress was occuring. Unfortunately, the interface to achieve these packaged elements was typically not mobile responsive and certainly wasn't easy to use and operate. Page clicking wasn't working.

The Stats

User experience told the story before the digital edition providers had to hide the status. Nobody but the publisher and her staff were clicking through the horizontal layout digital editions for cover to cover. User don't want a click marathon.

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Vertical Editions Won

Vertical magazine editions won over traditional digital magazine editions because people were not forced into a user experience pattern that they didn't like. Page flipping and making users find the small page advance arrow was failed from the start. Even after fancy page turn effects, and flipping animations were stripped away from the digital editions creatued until 2015, publishers had already realized that vertical was the way their magazine needed to thrive in a modern digital publishing operation.

Vertical Scroll

Users control speed and movement of the issue.

Creativity and Design for Stories

Longform web journalism formats demonstrate the creativity for editorial beyond the cover lines.

Browsing v. Reading

The typical magazine issue is browsed. Now deep editorial for engaged readers is one click in and out

Vertical is Mobile

Since readers can view their magazine issue from any device, they truly take their magazines everywhere.

Vertical Magazine Subscriptions

Subscriber and controlled vertical edition access allows for digital circulation.

Vertical is Natural

Providing a designed presentation in a natural format insures this is the magazine format for the present and future.

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